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Developing a vision for St. Editha's

Historically a collegiate church and royal foundation, we are excited about developing the rich history and heritage of St. Editha's, sustaining our presence at the heart of the community and helping to resource other churches across Tamworth.

We are ambitious and aspirational about the potential of St. Editha's as a place of encounter, wonder and witness; a centre of education and lifelong learning which reaches beyond our own parish and enables others to flourish.

We aim to realise this in three ways:

1. A centre of excellence for liturgy and music.

2. A place of pilgrimage, history and heritage

3. A resourcing church for the wider deanery and diocese

We have developed an ambitious strategy to help us to capitalise on our wonderful heritage and our long tradition of thoughtful, creative ministry and mission. You can download a copy of the strategy document here: .

Our long term objective is to beome a Minster church for Tamworth; both as a tree with many branches, and an oasis from which other churches can draw. Critical to this vision is our growing relationship with Lichfield Cathedral; historically the two foundations worked side by side as both the royal and ecclesiastical centres of ancient Mercia.

Support for the development of St. Editha's on a wider scale has been overwhelming both from local churches, community agencies and other partners. If you'd like to share your opinions, please get in touch and we would be pleased to hear from you.

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